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Criminal Law

Criminal Lawyer Will Defend Your Right

Choosing the right criminal lawyer becomes a necessity if someone get charged with any legal offense. During legal troubles, Rath Law Office will help you in resolving your case. We are able to provide a sound defense throughout each stage of the legal process. As a competent criminal defense lawyer, we represent our client's best interests and ensure that their rights are protected from the moment a charge is laid through to the end of the trial process. We provide best legal solutions to our client's. Brampton criminal defense lawyer fully prepared and able to provide and intelligent, well planned defense to clients charged with indictable offences.

We deal with all areas of criminal laws including:

1) Assaults.
2) Fraud
3) Drug Related Offences
4) Bail Hearings
5) Sexual Assaults
6) Drug Related Offences

At Rath Law Office, we strive to provide you dedicated and best in class legal services by following proper legal rules. It is our promise that we won't be satisfied until you are. We aim to be top- notch criminal law firm in Brampton and it would be incomplete without your help.

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